Mom made a kalidescope for me when she was working in stained glass. She made it of green glass, and picked colors for the beads that she thought I'd like. She was worried about that... When I'm thinking of her a lot, I pick up the kalidescope and take a look to see what's happening at the other end and see her smile. They say that time heals all, but it doesn't heal that. We just get used to the pain. I miss her every single day.

Woodgate Beach for the weekend!

Darrell came to Maryborough for the weekend and we went up to Woodgate Beach for lunch. A little cool, but very nice.

Silly Camera Tricks

Silly camera tricks. Focus a medium format camera on something, then take a picture of the focus screen with a little digi cam...This is a part of the Mary Valley Rattler steam train. Darrell and his friend Joe and Joe's two boys went for a ride on it today, I took pictures.

Photos for competition

I've joined the local camera club, I joined in the B group (rather than the very fancy A group). My first results are two firsts!
Lorikeet Treats won in the B- Open subject
This busy bird was in our front yard eating the nectar from the grevillia blossoms.

and Campfire Coals won in the Set subject. I took this on the first night of our recent backpacking trip...before we started backpacking.

This was sawdust hitting a raku bowl at a wood firing last fall.

And this is one of the pack of house dogs at the italian B&B I stayed at north of Milan

Nothing to see

I was going to weed the garden when I stopped at the backdoor. I was looking at the garden for a while. I wasn't sure why I wasn't walking out. And, as you do at these times, I took stock of what I was looking at, rather than just gazing out at the weeds.

It was hunting the chooks. Monty (Monty Python...also known as a carpet python) is non poisonous and not interested in people.) Although I think this one hadn't been challenged in a while and took a moment to size me up (just like I did standing at the back door) to figure out that it wasn't interested in eating me.

So it backed up through the wire, and went on its business like it hadn't been looking intently at the chooks...nothing to see, I'll just keep window shopping.

Do you see what I see?

It's a big snake...hunting the chooks in the middle of the day. It didn't get any. More later...

Here Froggie!

A green tree frog who spends time outside my apartment door. It's about 5" long.